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About The Artist

​Colleen Gianatiempo grew up in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. Childhood is where her fascination with nature began as she explored outdoors as an escape from life’s stresses.  Observation allowed her to enter another world filled with captivating intricacies and complexities.  Nature is where she continues to find solace and inspiration.
Colleen graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business and a minor in Fashion Marketing.  After moving to Los Angeles for work,  she furthered her education by achieving a Certificate of Graphic Design from Otis Parsons School of Design.  This led to her owning her own design firm for 25 years creating art and design within the disciplines of fine art, graphic art, interior design, photography and art instruction. Passion for fine art led her to the Academy of Art in San Francisco where she received a Master of Fine Art in Painting.
Gianatiempo draws her formal influences from geometric and organic forms and expresses and interprets these elements abstractly.  Her mixed media work embodies bold color, varying texture, amorphic shapes and patterns.  One will always find a bit of geometry amidst layers of paint and paper.  Gianatiempo describes her approach as sponteaneous, allowing her artistic instincts to control the outcome of her final artworks.
Colleen has exhibited her work in a multitude of solo and group shows and has been represented by Martinez Gallery.  Her work is in numerous public and private collections, including an outdoor mural, “Small Town with a Big Heart” in the city plaza in Martinez, CA.  She received an art award by Clyde&Co as one of the emerging artists of San Francisco in 2017. In 2018, Colleen was selected as a heart artist for the “Hearts of San Francisco” to team up with the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation for their annual fundraiser.
Colleen lives in Martinez, CA with her husband and two teenaged children where they all enjoy the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Featured Classes

“Colleen is so full of life and creative talent and I am so happy she has brought many special people into my life from her classes as they attract interesting, creative and spiritual people that I now can call friends. “

Linda B

“I cannot speak highly enough of Colleen Gianatiempo as a teacher who has a sound knowledge base, an organized approach to teaching and learning and a constructive, yet positive and supportive manner to guide me towards further growth as an artist.”

Mary Beth H

Business Owner

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My work expresses my love of nature and my observations of flowers and fauna. I use the abstract language of bold color, varying textures, shapes, and pattern to interpret the geometric and organic forms. I take a tiny sliver of an element that inspires me and magnify it to highlight, and show off its complexities, intricate layers, patterns and design.
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