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The Best of Drawing and Brain Exercises (7/30 10 AM -12 PM PST)


Date: Saturday, July 30

Time: 10am-12pm PT

Cost: $40

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This workshop will mimic the experience of meditation.  You will Learn exercises that will stimulate new neural pathways and use them as building blocks to help you to learn to “DRAW WHAT YOU SEE, NOT WHAT YOU KNOW!” We use our brains when we draw, and this not only releases endorphins, but helps build new connections and pathways. When drawing, we actively use both sides of our brain, the right for creativity, and the left for logical thinking. Relax and enjoy in this guided drawing exploration!  Let’s get rid of old programming and stimulate your brain!


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My work expresses my love of nature and my observations of flowers and fauna. I use the abstract language of bold color, varying textures, shapes, and pattern to interpret the geometric and organic forms. I take a tiny sliver of an element that inspires me and magnify it to highlight, and show off its complexities, intricate layers, patterns and design.
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