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Mix It Up Paint Parties

$50 per person

Minimum required 4 people to have a virtual or in person party.

I wish to inspire as many people as possible with my paint parties. Every participant makes an individual piece of art, unique to their own expression and creativity using MIXED MEDIA—meaning they just don’t use paint!  

I provide all the necessary materials—canvas, paint, collage paper, spray paint, stencils, stamps, markers, pastels and more! 

I can come to your house or you can come to my studio in the Alhambra Valley of Martinez. I can accommodate any size party, though people usually are comfortable with 10-15 people.

Consider making a family reunion, a birthday, a shower, a girls weekend that much more special when you get to take away a momento!

The fee is $50 per person for everything—set up to clean up and instruction!  

Calling all curiousity seekers—host a party today!
The slideshow to the right is the culmination of creativity from one Mix It Up Paint Party!

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My work expresses my love of nature and my observations of flowers and fauna. I use the abstract language of bold color, varying textures, shapes, and pattern to interpret the geometric and organic forms. I take a tiny sliver of an element that inspires me and magnify it to highlight, and show off its complexities, intricate layers, patterns and design.
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